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Take a note

Take a note - 時效日誌透明書套 A5

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NT$ 80.00
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Take a note - 時效日誌透明書套 A5 總分: 0 - 0 評價



  • 外側使用透明PVC,亮透清澈。
  • 內裡折口霧面,放貼紙、便條紙等小物不會被靜電吸附,容易拿取。
  • 內側有筆插設計,隨手收納常用筆。
  • 此商品不含日誌。
  • A5(14.8× 21×1.3cm)

Product Introduction

Product Specifications

  • The outer layer features transparent PVC, providing a clear and bright appearance.
  • The inside of the cover is matte surface, and small objects such as stickers and notes will not be attached by static electricity and are eays to take.
  • The interior includes a pen holder for convenient storage of commonly used pens.
  • This product does not contain the planner.
  • A5 size (14.8× 21×1.3cm)

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