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Take a note

Take a note - 2024 A5 English ver. Regular Planner

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  • 256頁
  • 68磅巴川紙
  • 180度攤平
  • A5(14.8× 21×1.3cm)
  • (1P)扉頁


  • 內頁使用68磅白色日本巴川紙,方格大小為3.5mm。
  • 裸背線裝,可180度平攤於桌面。
  • 月計畫共16個月,全部統整在週計畫之前,沒有標示台灣假期,利用雙特色印刷分出週間與週末。
  • 週計畫為兩日一頁(一週共四頁)、24小時延伸的直式時間軸,提供迷你月曆、迷你週曆、時間軸上下方空白方格等資訊,以月相取代農曆與節氣。
  • 內頁標注頁碼,可當成子彈筆記本使用。

【年曆】 橫跨20個月份的年曆,可以從拿到日誌的當下一直使用到下年度的4月。

【習慣追蹤/橫式甘特圖】 用來規劃年度行程安排或用當成習慣追蹤表使用都很方便。

【專案計畫/直式甘特圖】 一眼可見半年份的行事曆,非常便於專案管理,也可用作休假規劃、體重管理、習慣追蹤、股票折線圖等其他用途。相對B6與A6的尺寸,表格下方擁有更多記錄空間。

【月計畫】 豐富的功能設計,適合每一個人。


【月計畫】 充足的空間


【週計畫】 迷你週曆和兩日一頁的直式時間軸組合,是TAKE A NOTE最受歡迎的原創格式。英文版沒有台灣假期,每一天的月相更有陰晴圓缺的時間變化感。

  • 迷你月曆 用視覺化的方式呈現本週的位置,不用翻到月計畫就能知道這一個月的假期。
  • 迷你週曆 記錄一週重要行程,極淡的實線左右劃分迷你週曆,右側是不分日期的空白方格,可以隨習慣記錄不同事項。
  • 直式時間軸 時間從早上六點至凌晨三點,適合不同作息的使用者。沒有多餘的裝飾,充足的書寫空間,隨性記錄行程、書寫日記、心情拼貼。
  • 3.5MM方格 全部以極淡的虛線繪製,一個方格適合寫英文,兩個方格高度是適合寫中文字的大小。

【機能方格筆記頁】 筆記頁一共4頁,當作附錄補充。格式重新設計,增加三分隔與十字定位點,矩陣式的「5x5實線方格」則讓數格子更快速,寫筆記從來沒這麼方便!

  • 使用68磅白色巴川紙 巴川紙鋼筆書寫不透,繪圖、蓋印都有完美的表現,白色的巴川紙相對米色更能呈現鋼筆墨水的色澤。
  • 180度攤平 隨手一翻就能輕鬆攤平,裸背精裝是真正的攤平書寫。
  • 紙張的純粹之美 書寫紀錄是一件有溫度的儀式,封面選擇里紙,是美術紙中的高級紙,能呈現紙材自然溫暖的柔和感,因此盡量以能保留紙張原始質感的方式進行加工。

Product Introduction

Product Specifications

  • 256 pages
  • 68gsm Tomoe River paper
  • 180-degree lay-flat
  • A5 size (14.8× 21×1.3cm)
  • (1P) Title page
  • (1P) Calendar
  • (1P) Horizontal Annual Plan Gantt Chart【2024.01-2024.12】
  • (4P) Vertical Annual Plan
  • (32P) Monthly Planner【2023.12-2025.03】
  • (212P) Weekly Planner【2024.01-2024.12】
  • (4P) Grid Notes
  • (1P) Personal Information Page

This product is an English version of a time-sensitive journal. If you need a version with Taiwanese holidays, please visit the page for the Taiwan Holiday Edition.

  • The inner pages use 68gsm Tomoe River paper, with a grid size of 3.5mm.
  • The journal features lay-flat binding, allowing it to open 180 degrees on a table.
  • The monthly planner spans 16 months, all consolidated before the weekly plans. It does not mark Taiwanese holidays and uses dual-color printing to distinguish weekdays from weekends.
  • The weekly planner has a two-day-per-page layout (four pages per week) and features a vertical 24-hour timeline. It provides mini monthly and weekly calendars, blank grids above and below the timeline, and replaces the lunar calendar with moon phases.
  • Page numbers are marked on the inner pages, making it suitable for use as a bullet journal.
【Yearly Calendar】

A calendar spanning 20 months, usable from the moment you receive the diary until April of the next year.

【Habit Tracker / Horizontal Gantt Chart】

Convenient for planning annual schedules or as a habit tracking sheet.

【Project Planner / Vertical Gantt Chart】

A half-year view calendar at a glance, extremely useful for project management. Also suitable for vacation planning, weight management, habit tracking, stock price trend lines, and other purposes. Compared to B6 and A6 sizes, there is more recording space below the tables.

【Monthly Planner】
  • Feature-rich design, suitable for everyone.
    Differentiating holidays and workdays with dual colors gives writing in the planner a ceremonial feel. The 16-month monthly plan extends from this year through next year to March of the year after, making it easier to arrange cross-season and cross-year schedules. Each week is linked to the corresponding weekly plan page number, allowing for quick access to the weekly plan of the current week.
  • Ample Space
    Abundant blank space in all directions allows for dividing different sections for various purposes according to note-taking methods, and of course, free-form writing is also possible.
【Weekly Planner】

The combination of a mini weekly calendar and a two-day-per-page vertical timeline is TAKE A NOTE's most popular original format. The English version does not include Taiwan holidays.

  • Mini Monthly Calendar
    Visually indicates the position of the current week, allowing you to know the month's holidays without having to refer to the monthly plan.
  • Mini Weekly Calendar
    Records important weekly schedules. An extremely light solid line divides the mini weekly calendar, and the right side has undated blank grids for recording different items based on personal habits.
  • Vertical Timeline
    Extending from 6:00 AM to 3:00 AM, suitable for users with different daily routines. Free from excessive decorations, with ample writing space, perfect for recording schedules, writing diaries, and expressing emotions.
  • 3.5MM Grids
    All grids are drawn with very light dashed lines. One square is suitable for writing in English, while two squares in height are suitable for writing Chinese characters.
【Functional Grid Note Pages】

A total of 4 note pages, designed as supplementary appendices. The format has been redesigned to include triple dividers and crosshairs for positioning. The matrix-style "5x5 solid grid" allows for quicker grid counting, making note-taking more convenient than ever.

  • Using 68gsm White Tomoe River Paper
    Tomoe River Paper prevents ink from bleeding through when using a fountain pen. It offers excellent performance for drawing and stamping. The white Tomoe River Paper brings out the color of fountain pen ink even more compared to off-white paper.
  • 180-degree Lay-flat
    Easily opens flat for writing. The exposed spine hardcover design truly allows for flat writing.
  • The Purity of Paper
    Recording is a warm ritual. The cover is made of art paper, a premium type among art papers, capable of presenting the natural warmth of the paper material. This processing method aims to retain the original texture of the paper as much as possible.

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