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五花鹽 Baconpress

Baconpress 五花鹽 - 台文版 麻雀 sparrow - 2024 週曆手帳《日月 Jour après jour》

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Baconpress 五花鹽 - 台文版 麻雀 sparrow - 2024 週曆手帳《日月 Jour après jour》 總分: 0 - 0 評價


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⟢ 《日月》2024週曆手摺簿 ⟣

咱ê日子,有咱目𥍉仔ê tsu-bui樂暢,嘛有咱永久長ê是非曲直。

太久--ah,咱直直咧過hia-ê hām咱無底代ê「國定假日」。


Tsit擺咱beh uì逐工使用ê手摺簿週曆開始改變!規个摃破重新起造,轉去到上適合tsit塊土地ê生活方式hām記持--裡。



一切攏會愈來愈明--ê,咱做伙拍拚 :)



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。尺寸 | 125 × 176 mm (約為B6)
。裝訂 | 可攤平裸精裝
。封面 | 彩色印刷+燙黑箔、白墨
。內容|年x1 月x13 週x54 點點x8 方格x8
  ☛ 台灣史上的今天
  ☛ 原住民族歲時祭儀
  ☛ 節氣時令


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There are days of petites bonnes in which we indulge ourselves. There are days we uphold our non-negotiable principles and ideals.

Irrelevant to our daily life are the governmentally determined “national holidays.”

With one regime succeeding another, we Islanders have been molded into various shapes that fitted different colonizers’ wants and needs: Politically esteemed greatness of alien languages; politically enthroned alien cultures that are arbitrarily declared to be our mother cultures; self-abnegation and self-exploitations that have so sadly become our mental reflex through decades of alienating education. Who are we and what do we still have, if any, as our years have become theirs – their initiatives, their propaganda, their misrepresentations and their interventions. Which histories shall we bear in mind? Festivities of which cultures shall we venerate and celebrate? Which heroes and heroines do we worship? By names of whom do we make our vows?

May our agenda Jour après jour be the starting point of change! We start from the very scratch – day by day, day by day… until we eventually trace back and reach the forgotten memories and living styles that were once energetic on this island.

Like Taiwan itself, Jour après jour our 2024 agenda embraces local festivities, pays respect to rituals of the Indigenous peoples, welcomes also cultures of the new comers. No colonizers. Nor snobbishly designated “national” holidays. Every one has his/her own days of significance. Taiwan per se is the substance from which we draw multicultural perspectives. Engraved in our memories are our histories – as well as people who deserve commemoration.

There are days of petites bonnes in which we indulge ourselves. There are days we uphold our non-negotiable principles and ideals.

This is our collectively invested effort. A clearer future is our reward.


Taiwan shipping: Cash in delivery only, no shipping free

Overseas shipping: Credit cards need an extra 4% handling fee.

2024《Jour après jour》Weekly Journal, 1 week on two pages
  • Size: 125×176 mm (B6)
  • Binding: Lay-flat hardcover
  • Cover: Color printed with black and white foil stamping
  • Paper: 80 lb salt-flower No. 5 paper, suitable for fountain pens
  • Format: Weekly calendar on the left page, blank notes on the right page
  • Contents: Year x1, Months x13, Weeks x54, Dotted pages x8, Grid pages x8
    • Significant events in Taiwan's history
    • Indigenous peoples' seasonal rituals
    • Traditional solar terms

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