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Why did the credit card payment fail?

The possible reasons are:

1. The credit card has not been opened for the first use.

2. The credit card number or expiration date is entered incorrectly.

3. The credit card has exceeded its expiration date.

4. The credit card usage limit is exceeded or the balance is insufficient.

5. Internal system problems of the credit card issuing bank...etc.

6. This card number is being swiped for authorization at the same time, so the window will pop up.

7. The network is disconnected during credit card authorization.

8. VISA 3D verification function failed. It is recommended that you must use the IE browser or switch to other cards such as Master card, otherwise, the VISA 3D verification function easily fails. 

If your credit card has not exceeded the limit, please go back to the store and purchase again.

Remind you! Please pay attention to whether the entered credit card number, name, expiration date, and the last 3 digits on the back of the card are correct. If you still receive the authorization failure notification, it may be due to the internal system operation of the issuing bank. Please contact your credit card issuing bank.




1. 信用卡第一次使用尚未開卡。

2. 信用卡卡號或到期日輸入錯誤。

3. 信用卡已超過到期日使用期限。

4. 超出信用卡使用額度或餘額不足。

5. 信用卡發卡銀行內部系統問題…等。

6. 此筆卡號同時有人刷卡授權中,因此視窗會跳出。

7. 信用卡授權時,網路斷線。