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藍濃道具屋 - 小葉欖仁 - 2023 媠甲有春 30ml 鋼筆墨水

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藍濃道具屋 - 小葉欖仁 - 2023 媠甲有春 30ml 鋼筆墨水 總分: 0 - 0 評價



小葉欖仁Madagascar Almond 



suí kah ū tshun / Pretty

As you stroll down the streets in spring, the scenery is nothing short of "媠甲有賰(春)", which means "exquisitely beautiful and incomparable" in Taiwanese Hokkien. The new green sprouts of the Madagascar Almond, the orange-red blossoms of the Bombax ceiba that decorate the sky like passionate fireworks, and the soft yellow petals of the Golden Trumpet-tree swaying in the wind all add to the beauty of this season. The Hydrangeas also exhibit their ever-changing colors, creating a truly stunning spectacle. It's like watching a gorgeous fashion show while walking down the street, and it's sure to leave a lasting impression on those who witness it.

小葉欖仁Madagascar Almond 

The tree's branches are arranged in an orderly fashion, layered upon one another and reaching up to the sky. In the season of shifting temperatures, the tender leaves between the branches burst forth as if by some unspoken agreement with spring itself.

Volume: 30ml

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