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我們的清潔保養維修服務 ,視筆款與狀況收費。基本清潔費用從$250起、保養維修350起。

於高級或者特殊的墨囊,如耐用型墨囊更換,費用是 $800起;特殊上墨系統(如潛艇型)的維修費用是 $1200起。

若您的鋼筆需要筆尖調整,我們也提供此服務,價格從 $350起;另有筆尖研磨服務,微調 $200元起、形狀打磨 $900起。




We often receive inquiries about cleaning, maintenance, and repair services.

Have you found an old fountain pen at home that seems unusable, and you're afraid of damaging it further? Not sure what to do?

Has your fountain pen been accidentally damaged, causing it to leak ink, dry out often, or perhaps the nib seems to have been bent?

Don't worry. We have a dedicated collection and delivery point in Banqiao. You're welcome to bring your cherished fountain pen, and we will inspect it on-site, evaluating the best course of action - whether it needs repairing or just cleaning and maintenance.

The cost of our services depends on the model and condition of your pen. Basic cleaning starts from $250, and maintenance or repair services start at $350.

For high-end or special ink cartridges, such as durable ink cartridge replacement, costs start from $800; repairs for special ink systems (like submarine-type) start at $1200.

If your fountain pen needs nib adjustment, we offer this service as well, with prices starting from $350; we also have nib grinding services, with fine adjustments starting at $200 and shape grinding at $900.

Your fountain pen is a treasure in our eyes. We will use our professional knowledge and utmost care to restore its vitality, letting you once again experience the joy of writing. Come visit our collection and delivery point in Banqiao - we are here, waiting for you!

Note: Maintenance and repair fees are not eligible for any promotional events or discounts, are not counted towards any membership points, and pens mailed without prior communication and inquiry will not be accepted.

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